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Nollywood faults Information Minister on COVID-19 committee



MEMBERS of the Nigerian film industry Nollywood in has expressed worry and disappointment over the federal government’s appointment of Nollywood representatives in the creative industry on the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the globe.

 Anambra State Nollywood leadership expressed their worry over the non inclusion of their elected representatives in the creative industry committee by the federal government to advise it on way forward in the COVID-19 pandemic globally.

  Minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed , had announced members of the groups’ committee on the issue, but the national president of the Association Music and Film Producers and Marketers (AMUFPMAN), Evangelist Macson Justice Nwasike claimed that AMUFPMAN remains the base of Nollywood and should be included in the committee’s appointment.

“I should be included in the committee’s appointment before one talks of the guilds’, he quipped.

” The appointment is not 100 per cent correct because you have stakeholders you cannot do without”..

” I saw somebody like Ali Baba in the list of appointees, but he is neither a marketer nor a producer. The composition is wrong and government should look into it and set up a fresh composition that will involve all stakeholders and leaders of the various associations that make up Nollywood industry and not by individual appointment.

 Reacting to the appointment, chairman of the Board of Trustees (BoT), AMUFPMAN, Prince Ubaoha Uzoma, described the appointment as a solo effort without consultation with the leaders and members of Nollywood group, adding that it is an embarrassing and appalling omission, stating that AMUFPMAN is the mother union which should be consulted first.

“We acknowledged the government efforts against COVID19, but when it involves our union, we ought to be involved as a body,” he argued .

Contributing, State chairman of the union, Comrade Damain Ogudike stated that it was an error for the Information Minister, Lai Mohammed  to have selected members of the committee solely by himself, adding that it might be counterproductive given the numerical strength of the Nollywood industry.

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