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WWE Backlash: Orton vows to ruin Edge



While delivering a promo on WWE RAW, Randy Orton vowed to ruin Edge’s storybook ending and claimed that he will come out victorious at the WWE Backlash.

   As his “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” with Edge approaches, Randy Orton appeared on this week’s WWE RAW to deliver an incredible promo. While delivering the promo, Randy Orton vowed to ruin Edge’s storybook ending and claimed that he will come out victorious at the WWE Backlash. The WWE Backlash is scheduled to take place on June 14, 2020 at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Randy Orton opened up his promo saying that he has been watching many different shows on WWE Network for quite a while and the one thing he has noticed that many people think Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler ever. However, Randy Orton added that in the past, both Ric Flair and Edge have hailed him as the greatest wrestler of this era. Randy Orton stated that this proves that he’s indeed better than both of them in wrestling.

Randy Orton said Edge was right when he called him ‘complacent’. “You can’t stand that for 20 years, I have phoned it in, I have half-assed it and still accomplished more than anyone else in that locker room,” Orton said. Orton closed by saying Edge made a big mistake by accepting his WWE Backlash challenge. He would prove he is the better man at WWE Backlash by ruining Edge’s storybook ending

After accepting Randy Orton’s challenged for WWE Backlash, Hall of Famer Edge slammed ‘The Viper’ and vowed to defeat him in the ‘Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’. Edge said Randy Orton had competed in 1,126 matches while he was sitting at home and recovering from his neck injury.

Edge said he recently watched himself on Undertaker: The Last Ride documentary where he was talking about the right time to hang up the boots. He revealed he now understands the struggle The Undertaker went through to find peace. Edge claimed that at WWE Backlash, he will try to give it all to find the satisfaction from the match.

“At Backlash, I am going to dig to the very depths of my soul to try,” Edge said. “That’s all a man can do.”


 However, During this week’s “WWE Backstage” broadcast, it was announced that Christian will be returning to RAW next week. He’ll be hosting a “Peep Show” segment with Edge. As you’d expect, the two will be discussing Edge’s match with Randy Orton at WWE Backlash.

WWE Backlash takes place on June 14th and will air live on the WWE Network.

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