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20m Nigerians may lose jobs to COVID-19



SENATE president Ahmad Lawan has disclosed that Nigeria 20 million Nigerians may lose their jobs if COVD-19 pandemic continues.

  The senator disclosed this in Abuja ahead of the first anniversary of the Ninth Senate. Lawan also said that international politics is frustrating Nigeria’s efforts to acquire sophisticated weapons for the Armed Forces to fight insecurity.

  He claimed that whenever the Nigerian government made requests to buy security equipment from some foreign countries, it would take longer time than expected before they were granted.

  He said: ”to some extent, we’re suffering from international politics. I know that in our efforts to try to buy spare parts for their jets, maybe write to a certain foreign government and it’ll take six to nine months; while another country will write to the same government and maybe get it in one or two months.

  “So, something is not right, but that’s to say that it’s now one of our challenges that we’ll continue to engage with countries that we feel don’t understand what we’re doing here.” Describing Nigeria’s security system as overstretched, he said more resources were needed to tackle the acute insecurity.

  “The resources available to security office are inadequate. Government is doing a lot to get more resources in terms of equipments and machinery,” he said. He stressed the need for mutual respect and cooperation between the executive and the legislature, saying gap between them “that’ll not be resolved or narrowed easily has created so much loss to the country. It’s our challenge.” He said both arms of government had constituted a special joint committee to look at executive bills that might cause friction between them.

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