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Israel approves equipment to boost Nigeria’s war against COVID-19



THE Israeli Security Service has approved the shipment of classified materials to enable Nigeria prosecute the fight against COVID-19, high level administration officials have confirmed.

  According to report, the determination of the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari to go across boundaries and sentiments to check the COVID-19 pandemic led to the move. disclosed.

  “Those who say that the administration or the President is doing nothing will be shamed with the imminent arrival of the classified equipment and see the determination of the administration to fight the pandemic,” the administration official observed.

  Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the official, however, regretted what he described as the seeming poor response of the Nigerian intelligence community to show similar vigour in helping the anti-COVID-19 war.

The officials said: “You would have heard how President Trump stopped the shipment of equipment from America to Germany based on the advice of the American intelligence community.

 “That is exactly what we also saw with the Israeli check that the country’s intelligence community had to sieve through before the shipment to Nigeria could be approved,” the administration official added, as he observed that the services in Nigeria had not been particularly involved in the country’s anti-COVID-19 war.

“You would also have observed that since the first meetings, the services have not been involved in the presidential briefings and it is nice for the country to have a coordinated response from both the health and intelligence services for us to have a positive response,” the official said.

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