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Catholic Diocese of Enugu ordains 27 deacons



IT was another great day for the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, Enugu State last Saturday as 27 young men were lifted to the Order of Diaconate, the final step towards being a priest.

  The event which was held at St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral, Ụdị, Enugu State by the Auxiliary Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev. Ernest Obodo, was attended with strict invitation and only few family members of the ordinands because of the COVID-19 Pandemic and social distance regulation.

   In his homily, the Principal Celebrant, Bishop Obodo, exhort the ordinands to be people who are prepared to render their services selflessly in the work of God, reminding them that their call is for total surrender to the service of God.

  Bishop Obodo explained that crave for greatness and influence is one of the latest trend, and expressed his dislike over the trend of people wanting success without working for it.

“The desire to be great and influential is central to all men. Today, people want to be rich without working for it. People want to get to the promise land without passing through the desert, People want to wear the crown without passing through the cross.” Bishop Obodo.

  The bishop beckoned on them to be just as Saint Paul described deacons in the Bible, to be of clean heart, espouse sincerity, and moderate with drinks, while acknowledging how much they have laboured to get to the stage.

He distinguished deacons as special servants whose life has been surrendered totally to the power of God including all their possessions and reminded them to pray at all time.

  24 of the ordained belonged to the Catholic Diocese of Enugu while three where of Capuchin Religious Order.

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