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In Nairobi, ‘COVID-19’ hairstyle



Hairstylists in Nairobi, Kenya have invented outrageous spiky style resembling COVID-19 in their artistic designs.

  The style which they say is to remind people of the existence of the virus in the clime is made by twisting and wrapping each of the parted hair with thick black thread.

  According to report, this is to enable the hair to stand out straight in defiance of gravity and the resulting tresses resembling the spike proteins on a coronavirus membrane.

  The spiky new look labeled the coronavirus was priced averagely at KSh 100 Kenyan money in the equivalent of N367.40.

  According to hair stylists in  Nairobi, Leunita Abwala, business slowed down acutely since the outbreak of the pandemic; noting that they were making about KSh 3,000 (N11,022.07) on a good day before the outbreak of the pandemic but now, it is a quarter of that despite the new invention.

  “People are taking their role in the COVID-19 crisis seriously and are continuously rolling out new measures to not only raise awareness about the virus but also fight the pandemic. Much like brands that have been pitching in to help their employees or their communities, local citizens also stepped up in different ways and some stylists in Kibera slums are among them.anonymous stylist stated.

 “It is just simple and very cheap for every person to do it,” one of the stylists said. This was the latest example of service industry workers finding ways to create awareness and earn a living as stay-at-home rules and collapsing incomes reduced customer numbers.

  While the spiky new look labeled the coronavirus was still too new to appear on any of the common saloon posters, its price comes with depleted budgets COVID-19 has caused  in mind, averaging at KSh 100.

  “It is a hard life. We need to hustle every day so we can get food on our tables. We are still suffering because demand is very low,” another stylist said.

  She is however hopeful that the new style will boost business. Innovative man comes up with clever ways to turn things around at the least chance.

  Describing the COVID-19 hair-style, Beauty Salon operator, Mama Brayo said, to do the hairstyle, braiders start by parting their clients’ hair into about a dozen sections. They then twist and wrap each one with thick black thread, so it can stand out straight in defiance of gravity. The resulting tresses resemble the spike proteins on a coronavirus membrane. She explained.

  She emphasized that hair salons in Nairobi can stay open under restrictions imposed by the government as a measure to curb the spread of the COVID-19 and closing voluntarily was out of the question.

 Kenya has recorded 2872 Coronavirus infections so far, 85 deaths with 849 recovered as at yesterday and has wreaked havoc on the economy, especially for people in the informal and low-wage workforce.

  Health minister Mutahi Kagwe said Kenya was not out of the woods yet as far as containment efforts were concerned, singling out Mandera County as a major concern due to its proximity to Somalia.

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