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Melaye faults Infectious Diseases Prohibition, Control Bill



DINO Melaye has raised a fresh alarm over the proposed infectious diseases prohibition and control bill, describing it as “obnoxious, criminal and anti-people” and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

  The Kogi West senator warns that should the bill scale through the public hearing, houses will be confiscated without provision for compensation.

  According to him, the general public should be wary of the “obnoxious, criminal and anti-people” infectious diseases prohibition and control bill.

  Disclosing this through his facebook page the former lawmaker expressed concerns that should the bill scale through the tricky hurdle of the public hearing; citizens would risk losing their properties at will.

 “People’s properties would be confiscated as isolation centres with no provision for compensation.”

The warning came against the backdrop of public hearing to be organised by the House of Representatives tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10, over the controversial bill.

  The former senator wondered why the lower chamber could not build and amend the 2004 Infectious Disease Act reviewed by the House from the 1926 Quarantine Act; attributing the bill to waste of taxpayer money,

“This Infectious Disease Bill was lifted from Singaporean Infectious Disease Act which was drafted when Singapore was under a dictatorship of Lean Kwan Yau. It was not a democracy. House of Rep’s being lazy didn’t bother to adapt it to suit Nigerian democratic culture and fundamental human rights,” Melaye said.

  Continuing, the lawmaker emphasised that the bill being powered by the House of Representatives is against the 1999 constitution. He said that the bill gives the NCDC, Nigeria’s disease control agency, “wild powers to stop any meeting it doesn’t like including sealing up of churches.”

  The vocal senator had been on several media spotlight where he had raised concerns over acute leadership failure in the country, saying those who have held political offices including himself have failed Nigerians.

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