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My World, reimagined: A love letter to our post-corona versions



Dear humans of the future
Remember how one day we woke up
And suddenly, we were swamped away by uncertainty
We were engulfed by fear
When we realised that COVID-19 has hit our countries
And will soon hit our homes and schools
We were flooded by dark deadly news
And Facebook notifications that schools will be closed

We were spammed by emails
Saying that the exams we studied so hard for are now cancelled
We were flooded by Instagram DMs
That we won’t be able to take graduation selfies with that hat
We were haunted by the news
That several countries will go in lockdowns
We woke up to tweets
Outlining the number of deaths

Due to COVID-19, and to polls
Showing an increase in the number of coronavirus infections
We saw the impact of corona
In other neighbouring countries through Snapchats
And secretly wished our country would cope better
We suddenly rushed to our hometowns
In the comfort of our home
while some of us were trapped in other countries

Because borders were closed
I hope that what I’m about to disclose to you
You only learn about in History textbooks
And it is never something
You never have to experience, relive
Or see from afar

I hope that you will be able to reap
The fruits of a better humanity
And if you are reading this, after 2020
Please know that the world
Was on a roller coaster wheel but we survived this.
Leadership was tested. Humanity was tested
Courage was tested
Yet, we managed to emerge stronger and better.

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