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Fears we have failed to Embrace



Since your nativity which encroached like a wildfire
We have been held to a halt
Markets are long-gone as the streets become empty
The graveyard seem to get busier

We shed so many conspiracies
In our course to send you to oblivion
Our fears stare at our faces
Sins of what we failed to do
From every direction, we run helter-skelter

We have learned the hard way
That only being human is the race
For once, into our neighbour eyes we looked with compassion
Acknowledging that we have failed ourselves
With a promise never to siphon public funds
Nor encourage a rotten system

In all sorrows that you have caused us
None is greater than our loved you have taken
In our very before, we see lives fade away
As usual we have no control over it

Heed to my advice
Your fury can’t keep us in the blue and lock, forever
Just like your kind before thee
We shall adapt to survive

As you hover around the world
Like the vulture that refuses to perch
Your wings will be clipped
Through science, prayers maybe both
Hades will be your resting place

Life will be beautiful once more
Springs will flourish and run non-stop
Oceans, we will swim with our loved ones
With joy that knows no bound

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