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Nursing mother, three children burnt to death in Niger



TRAGEDY struck at a modest home in Nkangbe area of Minna as a woman and her three children, including a one-month-old baby, (names not yet ascertained) were all burnt to death inside their apartment in Niger state capital yesterday.

  According to reports, the woman lived with her husband and her co-wife, Fati, inside the building. In the night, an intense fire engulfed the building, burning her and her children to death while the second wife and her two children were rescued with serious injuries.

  Narrating the incident, a neighbour who spoke under anonymity said the fire started with thick smokes around 11pm at the couple’s apartment. The women raised alarm after noticing the fire in their home, attracting the neighbourhood in the process.  Efforts of people who tried to put out the fire did not yield much result.

  Distress calls were put to the fire service who responded promptly but could not save much as the doors and windows to the building were firmly locked with the occupants trapped inside.

“We tried as much as we could but we couldn’t get inside in good time. With the help of the fire service, we rescued the second wife when the window was finally forced open. She already had burns, but she was able to come out alive.

Report credited to one of the fire service men says,  “there were four casualties and the cause of the fire is not yet  known.

“The people here say their transformer has been faulty, so there was no light and the people in the house did not put on the generator that night. Everything in the house was burnt down, nothing could be salvaged. It is very unfortunate. We are awaiting the arrival of our Controller to come and access the house.”

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