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Agric specialist urged govt to support agribusiness



CHIEF Executive Officer, B Group of Companies, Bernard Ogbodo, has called on government at all levels to support agriculture in the nation and ensure food sufficiency.

  Mr. Ogbodo who stated this in an interview with National Light Agric correspondent in his farm at Isi-agu community, Awka South Local Government Area, lamented the high cost of cassava products in urban and rural areas, attributing it to lack of seriousness or misplacement of priority.

  He explained how they go about the business, saying that during raining season, they get acres of land from anywhere, employ labourers to clear, cultivate the land and erect cassava stems. According to him, “fertiliser is applied within two months of cultivation followed by other things. After one year of the cultivation, the crops are ready to be harvested. The cassava can be used fresh or dry.”

  The CEO mentioned the two major ways cassava could be processed, saying that “the fresh cassava when processed, can be used to prepare either the local foo foo or for garri while the dry product from cassava after pealing, can be cut into two or three by length and dry, at least one can use manual drying, that is through sun rays but that is better on dry season. After drying, the next thing is taking it to grinding machine that will process it in a powdered form, making it alternative to Semovita.

  Mr. Ogbodo however regretted the shortage of staple food in the society and urged the general public to put all hands on deck to ensure availability of food. He maintained that affordability of products, like water yam and cocoa yam, is very good for diabetic patients, noted that greedy attitude of some farmers have caused high cost of staple foods even in the rural areas where these items supposed to be cheaper.

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1 Comment

  1. Oluwafemieesuola74

    June 17, 2020 at 10:21 pm

    Nigeria gbo oro oluwa pe mate siwaju

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