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Experts predict year-ending availability of COVID-19 vaccine



…Italian minister signs vaccine production, distribution contract

HOPE brightens in Europe as health experts from Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands move to dole out first free doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

  The move came after successfully launching a vaccine alliance several days ago and signing a contract with Astrazeneca “for the supply of up to 400 million doses of vaccine for all of the European population”.

  Leader of the health team and Italian Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza announced that the candidate vaccine in question stems from University of Oxford studies and “will involve important Italian entities in the phase of development and production.”

  Speranza said the signing of the contract was “a promising first step for Italy and for Europe.

  “The vaccine is the only definitive solution to COVID-19,” he continued.

Emphasising his belief in the efficacy of the vaccine, he stated the vaccine having been meticulously followed to an advanced stage now will give the world much needed peace over the pandemic.

  “In my opinion it should always be considered a global public good, a right for everyone, not a privilege for the few”.

  Speranza added that the vaccine is at an advanced stage, with tests on humans having started in April in Great Britain.

  “With the signing of this contract, Italy is on the front line of the great worldwide challenge to find a vaccine,” the minister said in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

  He further noted that Italy is bouncing back from the dramatic experience of the last few months and vigorously planning for its future.

  “It is redemption for a country that was hit hard first and now wants to get back up”. He explained that the agreement for 400 million doses includes a first batch of 60 million, “which will be available from the autumn.

  “The state will pay (for the vaccine). It will be distributed for free, starting with the groups most at risk,” According to the minister who disclosed also that the elderly and health workers will first receive the vaccines.

  He commended two Italian organisations in Pomezia and Anagni and other health workers for putting the step forward; adding that it is of double value to Italy given that significant part of the production process will take place in their country.”

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