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Anambra submits herbal samples for COVID-19 cure



ANAMBRA State Government has submitted more than 10 samples of herbal medicines to the federal government for the potential treatment of the globally rampaging coronavirus pandemic presently ravaging the world.

    The Commissioner for Health, Vincent Okpala, made this disclosure to the press on the sideline of a public awareness workshop organised for the Local Government and Ward COVID-19 Task Force members, held at Professor Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre, Awka, recently.

    Dr. Okpala confirmed that the herbal concoctions were produced by some indigenous herbal medicine practitioners and sent to the state government for onward delivery to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Centre (NCDC), in response to the clarion call by the FG for possible alternative medical solutions to combat the menacing deadly scourge.

    He further explained that the herbal drug samples had been dispatched for laboratory examination by the NCDC to ascertain the claimed efficacy for potential treatment of the dreadful ailment which has led to the untimely death of hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe, especially the so-called super powers and advanced nations where human casualties are very high.

Our investigation uncovered that the samples were sourced by members of the state chapter of the National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners (NANTMP) which led a delegation to the Ministry of Health to tender the samples, led by Chief E.N. Nwachukwu, the Vice-President of the association in the South-East Zone.

    The scoop also confirmed that one of the herbal drugs branded ‘Chidioma’ was produced by Abuoma Herbal Research Centre, headed by Very Rev. Fr. Raymond Arazu, the chairman of Anambra State Traditional Medicine Board, inaugurated by Governor Obiano, in August, 2016.

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