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Kano gov’s laughable poise on RUGA



IT is laughable to read the news in the Sunday Nation page 9 (June 7) about the establishment of the supposed RUGA in Kano State by the Governor, Abdulahi Ganduje.

  He was beckoning other governors to copy his state. What is really the remarkable difference between RUGA and RANCHING?

  The world over, the civilised way of rearing cattle is ranching, even in West African countries like Ghana, which detected the evil agenda of the Fulani in the Sahel region to invade West African countries preparatory to Islamisation.

  But since Moslems were not given the elbow room to dominate the entire ethno-religious groups, the leadership of the country ab initio prevented the tricks and warned herdsmen to establish ranches as open grazing must not be allowed.

  Cattle owners are wealthy and could establish ranches, just like every other businesses, the operators of businesses have to purchase lands and sundry needs for their business. They don’t depend on government to do that.

  In Nigeria, the APC-led federal government in line with over pampering the Northern Moslems flew the kite of RUGA whereby the federal government would bankrolling the expenditures for the establishment of RUGA (that is ranching) and give the kits and kin of president Buhari a formidable edge to excel in their businesses.

  Well and good, let the Moslem controlled states in the northern part of the country use public funds to establish ranches (stop calling it RUGA), instead of using the funds to improve education and health care delivery system in the poverty stricken states.

  The Christian controlled states in the northern part of the country must be left alone, whereby the Fulani cattle dealers should purchase lands ( if they are allowed because it is not a must)and establish ranches. The so-called ‘Fulani culture” of open grazing has been consigned into the scrap heap of history, and they must embrace the civilised mode of cattle business.

 No state in the southern part of the country should cede land to the Fulani herdsmen and cattle owners because of the obvious sadistic agenda. Let them transport their cattle in trailers to the south or package the meat as done in developed countries of the world.

  So, the brazen deception of the Kano State Governor should be clear to the Christian states of the federation.

RUGA is government sponsored ranching, point blank! Who is fooling who?

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