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Obiano, committed to health security of ndi Anambra – Chinweze



THE discovery of the novel coronavirus in Nigeria, in March, 2020, brought about drastic change in different sectors of the nation’seconomy. Hence, the Federal Government of Nigeria in a bid to contain the disease and save the lives of the citizenry, introduced lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun States, suspended all levels of education, places of worship among other important places where people gather for one thing or the other. States as well, followed suit, extending the lockdown and closing of boundaries.In Anambra, Governor Willie Obiano adopted several measures in ensuring the health security of ndi Anambra. He appointed political appointees to monitor all the borders that connect Anambra to other states.

  However, the issue of effective monitoring of the state’s borders remains an onerous task and the onus is how  those saddled with the responsibility of keeping the borders safe apply measures that would avoid the influx of people into the state.

  Speaking on the issue, the Special Assistant to Governor Willie Obiano on Community Liaison and a member, Anambra State Boundary Monitoring Committee, Emeka Chinweze, extolled the unprecedented efforts of the governor who drafted political appointees to complement the efforts of the security agencies to ensure effective supervision of all the boundaries linking   Anambra State to neighbouring states. “Following the in streaming of people and goods into Anambra State through formal and informal border routes, Governor Willie Obiano took  drastic steps aimed at strengthening the enforcement of the border closures.   The governor equally mounted CCTVs at the borders.       This measure helps to bring strict adherence to the unwarranted to and fro at the border, enabling the authority to easily ascertain the level of orderliness there. I urge the general public to adhere to measures stipulated by state and federal governments to contain the rising case of the pandemic especially as it pertains to border crossing.”

  On the establishment of COVID-19 testing center in the state, the SA said that setting up of COVID-19 testing center in Anambra State is one of the gigantic feats recorded by the able Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano.  According to him, the governor attracted three centres to the state by calling the attention of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), to come to the state to commission a private laboratory, the Accunalysis Diagnostic centre established in Nnewi.

  Mr. Chinweze also explained that Anambra State Government has other standard laboratories at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching  Hospital, Awka, the Mega PCR Laboratory capable of testing about 500 samples at a go and also another centre at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH), Nnewi.

  “With the Mega PCR laboratory, the scope of testing would expand. These centres are yet to be commissioned and Governor Obiano is working relentlessly to get them commissioned. The commissioned centre will go a long way to assist in checking the status of our people. The idea of taking samples to Erua in Edo State is over. We can do that now in Anambra State. Kudos to our willingly working governor.

  “The state will benefit immensely from the testing center in the sense that it will be easier to access the status of our people. So the idea of going to Erua in Edo State will be a thing of the past. Other states can equally make use of the facility, thereby generating revenue to the state.

  Speaking on the constitution of mobile court in the state as one of the measures in exercising jurisdiction on violators of face masks, social distancing and related offences, Chinweze applauded the governor’s action, describing it as a welcome development. “It is one of the proactive measures by the governor geared towards ensuring the health security of ndi Anambra. People should always endeavor to comply with the directives given by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO), meant to protect lives of the citizenry.  Surely, the establishment of mobile court to regulate and sanction defaultersof the stipulated COVID-19 guidelines will be of immense benefit. You know our people will always like to be policed before they can obey an order. So they will adhere to avoid being caught.”

  The special assistant however, advised ndi Anambra to obey the directives stipulated by the state government concerning burial and other social gatherings aimed at safety of everyone. He stressed that the guidelines are meant to contain further spread of the  virus “ It is for our own advantage if we adhere to all government directives on burial and other social gatherings. The health menace; COVID-19 disease is not a respecter of any person whether rich or poor, young or old. So being very conscious of the dangers of contracting the disease, our ever amiable governor, His Excellency, Dr. Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano in his love for ndi Anambra after thoughtful consideration with Anambra COVID-19 Task Force decided to issue the directives. The onus now is for us to obey for our own good. So I urge every citizen of the state to be meticulous in observing the directives.

  “More so, the governor instructed those who accompanied any corpse from outside the state to be quarantined for 14 days to avert further spread of the virus. It takes the period of 14 days for the disease to manifest its symptoms. But if there are no symptoms of the disease, the person will be allowed to associate with the society. But on the other hand, if symptoms develop, the treatment will commence immediately to save the person’s life. Once a case is confirmed, contact tracing will commence to avoid wide spread. Since the disease can move from one person to another even without direct contact. Once you maintain the guidelines, you will be safe.

  “The governor also directed that commercial vehicles,  tricycles should not carry more than two passengers at a time; drivers of shuttle buses must not carry more than three passengers at a time and drivers of township and mini buses must not carry more than five passengers at a time.  I don’t know why our people delight in flouting an order. If police comes after them, they will be complaining. So my take is that the law enforcement unit will go after them to checkmate their excesses.”

  As the COVID-19 cases are increasing in the nation, Chinweze maintained that the Presidential Task Force overseeing the issue of COVID-19 in the country is working assiduously day and night to make sure people are safe. According to him, “if there is need for the nation to go into another lockdown and the committee feels so, then we have no option than to key in.”

   He then advised the general public to observe the stipulated guidelines and directives to avoid contracting the dreaded disease. “It is a matter of some time. The pandemic will go and we will resume our normal life. For those claiming that COVID-19 is a scam, l urge them to change their minds because COVID-19 is real and presently, it is in our dear state, Anambra. So let us be careful and observe all the necessary approach towards containing the virus for the benefit of all. Stay safe, stay alive.”

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