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Nigerians have to upgrade in ICT – Uduono



NIGERIANS have been enjoined to have change of mind set and upgrade to the new system of technology.

  Speaking during a two-day Administrative Management Workshop organised by the Anti-Piracy Society of Nigeria (APSON), held in Awka, the Director-General of APSON, Frank Uduonu stressed the need for people to have change of mind set in all they do and upgrade to the new system of information which is the Information Communication Technology (ICT).

 Comrade Uduonu pointed out that  people must upgrade to the new technology in the present day so as not to be left behind and to make life easy for everyone.

 He warned the masses to reduce cost of their expenditure to tangible and relevant things for the betterment of the nation and to themselves. “People should learn how to spend less to save cost because life and situations in the country is never the same again. They should avoid excessive intake at all times for a healthy life”.

  In a field demonstration on the topic, ‘Team Work’, an Associate Professor in Biochemistry Department, Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Kingsley Ubaoji, encouraged the APSON members to embrace team work to achieve positive results in all they do and be able to create opportunity because according to him, “life has never provided any opportunity to anyone”.

 Professor Ubaoji, who was once a Special Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor on Academic Matters in the institution, noted that to succeed in administrative management, it is necessary to have in mind that leadership comes naturally when one takes up an authority.

  In his contribution, a facilitator and an editor, in one of the private newspapers, Comrade Emeka Odogwu, pointed out that opportunity only comes to those who are focus in life and have passion to what they are doing, and  advised the APSON members never to get tired in their pursuit for the sky would be their limit. “It is true that as an NGO, it is always difficult to be recognised and incorporated into government affairs,” but a day is coming when everyone would want to be recognised and associate with you either in Anambra or in some other areas including at federal level”.

  Comrade Odogwu commended APSON in their success so far, saying, “this is the only non-governmental organisation that has created a tremendous impact within a short period of time without government support but through volunteers, such indicate good omen to the society heights.

  Also in his presentation titled,” Decision Making, Problem Solving and Overview” a resource person, Obinna Onwuka itemised the necessary key things to be considered in administrative management to ensure progress, of which are; knowing intensively what decision making is all about, following the seven steps in decision making, management of business asset, and how to manage the organisation’s asset, as well as policies and procedures.

  Earlier in her lecture, a journalist, Uche Enem, noted that it is vital for everyone to be acquitted with information communication technology (ICT) for easy accessibility of information and to any establishment to achieve positive administrative management.

 Enem further explained some of the benefits of ICT in business administration saying if used efficiently, would save time and energy, enhance effective and efficient form of communication between heads of  organisation and it’s subordinates through the use of chats and telecommunication. He added that it involves easy feedback, signing of documents, centralised storage of files and data (networking) to mention but a few.

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