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Archbishop Ibezim charges Christian fathers to defend faith



ARCHBISHOP, Province of the Niger, and Bishop, Diocese of Awka, Anglican Communion, the Most Rev Alexander Chibuzo Ibezim, has charged Christian fathers in the diocese, to live a transformed life and distinguish themselves as defenders of the Christian faith.

  The Most Rev Ibezim made the charge during the occasion of the 2020 Fathers’ Sunday celebration.

  In his Episcopal message to the fathers which was read by Rev Azubuike Mgbikeh, at Our Saviour’s Church, Awka, the Archbishop explained that Christ built his ministry around 12 men with nature similar to that of the present day fathers, noting that the apostles were not supermen, but only yielded their lives for divine transformation.

  He stressed, “faith and sacrifice did not come easily to them, nor were they always humble, but they allowed God to change them, transferring them into paragons of virtue”.  

                The Most Rev Ibezim, who described fathers’ Sunday as an occasion that brings to the fore, the example of a man that fears the Lord and reminds the Christian fathers of whom they are in the Lord, noted that when men fear God, they automatically become agents of change as he admonished the fathers to live out the fear of the Lord in every sphere of their lives.

                According to him, “the fear of God contains three components, for every man: one, to hate evil; two, to stand on the word of God; and three, to be aware of the presence of God continually.

                “The fear of God is a lifestyle, not just an act. When men truly fear God, they become God’s agents of transformation at the place of work, and in the family; they become faithful trustees of the public funds and steer clear, by God’s grace, from every appearance of evil”, he explained.        

                The Anglican prelate further advised the fathers to love their wives and be a living example to the children, by living in the fear of the Lord, expressing optimism that the fear of God inevitably brings about positive consequences such as “prosperity in worldly good, joy and peace in the home; wives that are faithful; and children that fear the Lord.”

                He also prayed God to continue to protect the fathers from the novel coronavirus and reminded them to continue to maintain safety measures against the spread of COVID-19 pandemic as they carry out their daily activities.

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