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Doctors should’t go on strike now – Obidiegwu



FORMER chairman of Ihiala Local Government, Ikenna Obidiegwu, has expressed worry over the strike action embarked upon by doctors in some parts of the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Speaking to National Light in his office, Obidiegwu, a lawyer, maintained that nobody, including children can claim not to have heard of the devastating effects of COVID-19.

  “In the heat of this pandemic, the doctors’ primary objectives are to give lives. I stand to say that if doctors who have signed to save life should now go on strike due to the demands they are making at this critical period with so many people in deplorable health conditions due to the pandemic, a lot will die and the doctors will be seen as murderers instead of life savers. If they persist on their strike, i will now tag them to be murderers, because their agitation in a time like now not forthcoming should not warrant them to react in such a way that will put people’s lives in danger. This is a wrong time.”

  He said that government should discuss with doctors and have a solution to their requests.” I will say doctors are greedy because their basic service is to save life than to seek for demand. .. This pandemic period has so much affected everybody. The borders remain closed …Personally, my children are not in school. I have spent all I have saved and nothing in life has ever affected me like this”.

  He said government did not have answer to COVID-19, both NCDC and the state, adding that people are not serious with keeping the preventive measures, but are most interested in the palliatives and not the solution.

  “The Governor of Anambra State should not be left alone but the people should join him in massive enlightenment on the adequate precaution. ..

  People are seen clustering around; no maintenance of social distance. I am  of the opinion that more than 2000 two thousand covid 19 patients in Anambra state but I am happy atleast governor Willie Obiano has closed down Eke Awka market that were non- challant to the (WHO) rules.

  Also, Dr. Martins Ifeanyichukwu, former Head of Department, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Reader Immumology, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital’s College of Health Sciences, Nnewi Campus contributed by saying that doctors are wrong to go on strike in the heat if COVID -19 pandemic.

  “Since they are paid salary, they are being looked upon as leaders in the field to save humanity- giving life. Strike is not commendable. The whole world would not accept it, so the government should wade into doctors’ demands”.

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