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Parents urge to impact good behavior on children



CHAIRMAN of Sabbath day observer of Nigeria, Anambra State Chapter, Most Reverend John Izuchineke Obi has urged parents to teach their children the fear of Yahweh.

  Most Reverend Izuchineke who made this statement in an exclusive interview with National Light during his annual accountability for stewardship at the Association Secretariat, Survival Church Zion City, Ogbunike, pointed out that parents are most responsible in impacting good behavior, fear, and how to pray, being submissive to the elders as well as avoiding keeping bad companies to their wards than teachers.

  He enjoined parents to always check the activities of their children and the kind of companies they keep since they are most responsible for their upbringing and downfalls. Thus, advised the young ones to be obedient to their parents and elders as well as to shun materialism, if they really want to live long and become useful in life.

  Apart from reacting to parent’s attitude towards their wards, the chairman of the chapter stated that his association has also done much in helping the needy and inmates in some charitable organisation in the state through donations like the Survival Christ Holy Church, Ogbunike, where he heads.

He added that under his chairmanship, he has been paying workers of the association promptly. He has also been committed to reorganisation of the association, maintaining peace and unity among members from their branches in the state.

  Speaking on the issue of COVID-19, Most Reverend Izuchineke noted that all the members of the association from various branches in the state have been living up to the rules of government over coronavirus, saying he has been following it up to ensure its members adhere to all government directives.

  He however, pleaded on the state government to come to their rescue in reconstructing the Ogbunike Girls Secondary School Road leading to Survival Christ Holy Church, Ogbunike.

 The high priest also commended Governor Obiano for his sensitiveness and responsiveness to the public outcries for good governance, thanking him for his good works in the state as it concerns various road projects, ongoing construction of High Court and Magistrate Court, Ogbunike and to the entire town.

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