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Unrealistic suggestion for economic recovery after COVID-19



AT page 22 of Daily Sun, May 18,2020, an economist, Sotonye Anga suggested that Nigeria can feed Africa if government pumps funds into agriculture. It is curious how some people reason as if they fell from the moon.

Instead of asking the federal government to retool its security strategy to tame terrorists from the Sahel region, Mali and other North African countries masquerading as herdsmen, killing, raping and burning worship centres in Southern Kaduna; in addition to the alleged “bandits and Fulani militia” ravaging the entire North-West part of the country slaughtering villagers in the North-West part of the country.

With the ravaging of the insurgency and militia herdsmen unchecked, there is the likelihood that the marginal gains in the agricultural sector by the federal government’s policy will diminish and its contribution to GDP reversed. The lackadaisical posturing of the security in curtailing the ravages being done by the marauders has made farmers to stop going to the farms for the realistic fear of being killed by the lawless herdsmen and militia from outside the country.  Serious steps should be taken to avert imminent hunger due to apparent shortage of farm produce in all parts of the country, not only the purported “food basket of the nation”.

The alleged “ethnic and religious militia” has gone hire wire, taking the prevarication of the security operatives for granted. They have become lawless and gingerly go about raping women, burning houses and living like war-lords.

For the marginal gains attained by the federal government in agriculture, it should go a step further by abolishing federal laws that restrict state governments from venturing into economic spheres that will make diversification of the economy a reality instead of the propaganda that it has diversified the economy through agriculture and solid minerals sectors.

The fact is that agriculture has never been in the exclusive legislative list so the impression that the federal government has diversified the economy through agriculture is far from the realities of a federal arrangement. Diversification of the economy is integral to the clarion calls for the restructuring of the federation.

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