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Coronavirus victim takes selfie, sends to father before death



A COVID-19 patient’s last gasp battle has sent the media buzzing after archiving his last moment before dying of the virus.

  In a documented selfie-video, the deceased showed his final moment, revealing his futile struggle for breath as ventilators were pulled off him.

  According to the documented report, he was seen saying that he could not breathe as the ventilator was taken off him by doctors.

  “They have removed ventilator… My heart has stopped and only lungs are working, but I am unable to breathe, daddy. Bye daddy, bye all, bye daddy,” he said.

   The deceased father performed final rites for his son over on Saturday and as at yesterday, the video had become a massive sensation online.

  In the clip, the father has accused health officials of earlier ignoring his child’s call for oxygen for three hours.

  The hospital in their reaction dismissed the allegation, saying, that the boy was at a very medically bad state that he could not sense the supply of oxygen being given to him.

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