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COVID-19: Onugbolu urges adherence to govt directives



SENIOR Special Assistant to the Governor of Anambra State on Social Re-Orientation, Michelle Onugbolu, has reiterated the need for ndi Anambra to always comply to all the state government’s directives, especially at this period of COVID-19 pandemic.

  Mrs Onugbolu, who made this statement in an interview with National Light, adding that her office, which is saddled with the responsibility of getting the people know about the policies and programmes of government and also fall in line in those activities is set to commence a radio session where people will further be enlightened about the reality of the coronavirus pandemic and other salient issues in the state.

 According to her, some individuals are still in denial of the health menace and if care is not taken it might lead to more increase in the COVID-19 cases because of lack of compliance by people.

“People don’t comply to social distancing. They tell you he or she is my friend that there is no way she would have gotten the virus. If you go to public functions, people wear face masks on their jaws. It is not a jaw mask but nose and mouth. I pray God that our people will be a little more responsible and sensitive to the plight that this COVID- 19 is capable of meting on our society. People should call a spade a spade”.

She also used the opportunity to advised widows to detach themselves from self-pity by living out their destiny and responsibility, admonishing them to always avail themselves of the various opportunities of developing their lives given by the government and also some nongovernmental organisations as the onus of taking care of themselves and families depend on them.

While discouraging the society from victimizing widows, Mrs Onugbolu emphasised on the need for widows to speak out on any harmful traditional practices or maltreatments rather than having feelings that people will misinterpret it as if they never loved their husbands or jubilating at the death their husbands.

 Mrs. Onugbolu however, noted that the death of a husband should not be seen as a total closure to life.

” In the past, widows underwent so many derogatory widowhood practices in culture and in Nigeria but the narrative has changed in recent times. So, I think the opportunities for widows are better than it was before. All we can do is to assist widows to get there. By getting there, I mean to be more informed, to attest their rights, get to be more independent and also get to be more compliant to issues in the society. As a person, you were in the first place  an individual before you became a wife and mother, so the end of a husband’s life is not the end of the widow’s life but more importantly, widows should be up and doing. Don’t let people to be too sympathetic but widows should rise up with their shoulders high.”

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