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Nigerian lady dies two months after post on dying during lockdown



REACTIONS have continued to trail the death of a Nigerian lady identified as Chinenye George Sandra who recently died after posting that she would die during the lockdown.

  According to reports, the 22 years old lady died two months after making a post about dying during the lockdown.

  Reactions have continued to trail the death of Sandra as many people who initially regarded  the post as a joke express shock while others who believe that there is power in the tongue received the news with mixed feelings.

  The family and friends of a young Sandra are in total shock and could not believe what could have led to her death or if she really foresaw her death.

  Though Sandra’s burial has been scheduled for  July 3, many who knew her are yet to come to term on why and what could possibly had led to her death.

  According to report, two months before her death, the young lady had made a post about dying during the lockdown.

  According to facebook post credited to Queen Cassandra Angel, Sandra had posted, “If I die during Lockdown, no need for autopsy. Na yam and red oil and garri with salt kill me.”

  The humour attached to the post made many people to disregard the seriousness in her words according to Facebook user, Ebeh Nnaemeka Ebeh.

“As at the time, many people took it as a joke and thus reacted to the post with laughter. Following the news of her death, many have become convinced that there is power in the tongue. Ebeh noted.

  Ebeh went on to caution people about the things they say, while wishing Sandra a peaceful repose.

  “Well, it’s too early to say RIP instead of CONGRATULATIONS, but I can’t question the maker. May you find eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord.”

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