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Spain prepares to open borders



SPAIN health authorities say it is keeping a close eye on 11 fresh outbreaks of COVID-19, as it prepares to reopen its borders tomorrow to countries in the Schengen group.

  The health authorities listed are in Lleida in Catalonia and Huesca in Aragón.  Local authorities in Lleida say it is difficult to isolate people with the virus as many are migrant agricultural workers with no fixed address. Overall, Catalonia has reported 621 new cases over the past seven days.

  Fernando Simón, the head of medical emergencies in Madrid, said localised lockdowns, such as that imposed on Leicester, would be the best way of containing outbreaks, adding that he didn’t believe any one the current outbreaks were serious enough to warrant such measures.

  The first stage of the trial of the Covid tracking app Radar Covid has begun on the isolated island of La Gomera in the Canaries. The app can be installed on Android and iOS mobiles and has been sent to the Google and Apple app stores.

  The first phase involves training people to install and use the app. The monitoring phase, which begins on 6 July, involves a fictional outbreak of 300 cases of infection when a percentage of app users will be alerted if they have been in contact with people with the virus.

  The idea is to download 3,000 apps among La Gomera’s 22,000 inhabitants but doubts remain about how this could be extended across Spain’s population

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