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Nowhere Else



Where do we go from here?
Into some planet or hell?
Into a cocoon of eggs?
Or into a large shell?

Our air became our death
Ask USA, she will tell you
Of how our land screams for help
Ask Italy of souls sown into the sandbanks.

How she felt
How she wept
How she bled… Ask
How the pillars of the earth trembled for ill health.

Our streets became den
Of diseases, of cries, of tears
Our homes lost the warmth for rest
While running from the earth’s revenge.

Where else do we go from here?
We who had eaten the virus morsel
Are now with sickness fed
A tiny thing, we felt
But are now trapped in her cell.

The world is unwell
But together we can mend
Lest she bid us farewell
‘Cause we are left with nowhere
Nowhere else.

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