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UK scraps quarantine for visitors from ‘low-risk’ countries



UK’S Department for Transport (DTF) has announced that people entering into the United Kingdom from ‘low-risk’ countries including France, Spain, Germany and Italy will no longer need to quarantine from 10 July, the Department for Transport (DTF) has confirmed.

  According to reports, about 60 countries are expected to be included on this list. A full list of exempt countries posing “a reduced risk” from coronavirus will be published later today.

  Currently, most people arriving into the UK from anywhere, apart from the Republic of Ireland, have to self-isolate for two weeks.

  UK governments have been under pressure to ease quarantine measures because of the impact on the travel industry, and a number of holiday companies and airlines had been urging the government to drop the arrangement.

The list of exempted countries will be kept “under constant review”, so that if the health risks increase, self-isolation measures can be re-introduced, said the DTF

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