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Enmity of life



Humanity at war,
Against a plague of great terror,
Leaving world’s powers in fear
Activities took to their heel,
Restrictions are on human movement,
It’s too early for a farewell.

The ocean waters now kill it occupants,
An enemy with no phiz, more than a disease
Pharmaceutical giant are scared of the worse
The soil is no longer loamy
No one to help, not even our science.

Sanitize your hand; this will pass
It would be fine, they promise
We all hope for the best and prepare for the worse
Hunger has taken its toll
The only way to feed for some, revolts around violence.

A threatening Philistine,
Troubling both old and teens.
While the world was glamouring for a change,
Like a challenge, you came.
Poetic justice of ancient lineage
Annihilating man’s courage!

Humans live in the fringe of life,
Yet we dance to an optimistic melody,
We smile deeply in anxiety,
As we sit isolated calling on the heavenly,
Against the Goliath of our time
Challenging the whole of humanity to a fight.

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