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Akpo PG calls for caution in reopening of inter-state borders



 PRESIDENT-General, Akpo Development Association (ADA), Henry C. Dim has called on ndi Anambra to be circumspect now that interstate boundaries have been re-opened.

  “Dangers of coronavirus pandemic has yet to be averted. It is government empathy on citizens that prompted the re-opening of borders.”

 Nze Dim made the observation while exchanging views with information officers at Akpo.

He commended the federal government for feeling the pains of the masses, asking them not to abuse the gesture.

  The PG said: “Any avoidable travel ought to be avoided. Government has gained nothing by closing inter-state borders, domestic and international flights in the first place. I am sure the government must have lost revenue as a result of this closure.   They did it to curtail the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

  “The number of persons that have contracted the disease are far more than when the closure was announced. So, re-opening of interstate borders is aimed at reducing people’s sufferings,” he observed.

  “As you go to join commercial vehicles, assist the government to enforce the stipulated capacity for such vehicles before embarking on journeys. Put on your face masks properly, make sure everybody in the vehicle puts on his or hers properly. Be sure that your hand sanitiser is intact with you. Guard the rules jealously because your life and those of your loved ones are dependent on it,” the PG advised.

  The PG called on those wanting to carry out funeral rites of their loved ones to have patience.

  “Coronavirus pandemic came unannounced and must go unannounced soon; normalcy shall return.”

  He commended Anambra State Government, with special regards to Commissioner for Health, Dr Vincent Okpala and his information counterpart, Mr C. Don Adinuba.

  `The way they have managed through enlightenment to curtail the spread of COVID-19 pandemic is second to none, among the committee of states in Nigeria.

  “My prayer is that God shall grant Gov. Willie Obiano, the commissioners and every other person in the front line over this fight to coronavirus pandemic, heavenly immunity.

  “God shall release wisdom, knowledge and unity of purpose to them as we live to celebrate victory over COVID-19 pandemic.

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