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Judge from wuhan



In a prison without sentence
Who created this judge from Wuhan?
When is your stay expiring?
So you could go back to the lab.

What type of judge are you?
Our sports you suspend
Our entertainment shows you suspend
You pissed on everything
Oh judge bearing no blindfold
When will you go?

Who created this judge from Wuhan?
That’s laying people off
Everyone finding it tough
We’re all tired
Of your court room full of

Hold still your gavel of pain
Making us adorn black attire
Mourning, falling Victims of your fangs
Oh cruel judge from Wuhan!

In your cruelty,
You turn a wife widow
Husband, widower
The poor child an untimely orphan.

Oh One day!
Wailing will cease
When the chief judge will overrule you;
You dreadful judge from Wuhan!

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