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Warning at a time like this



WASH your hands! Don’t go out!

If you must, then mask it!

Lest you end up

in an unwanted casket.

Self isolating and avoiding the street,

trying not to lose your job

while making ends meet.

Still, Bezos, Ma, Zuckerberg and Gates

are making profits at dizzying rates.

While Big Pharma

is wringing it’s hands in anticipation

of the Big Vaccine

made available to every nation.

And while people will line up

to get the Big shot,

I’ll have a Corona

and drink it a lot.

Then there is my Company

that thinks it’s OK

to keep us at home

at 60 percent of our pay.

As the cost of living

gets dearer and dearer,

how can these suits at head office

look themselves in the mirror.

Can’t go to restaurants or movies

with a clear conscience.

No social contact, no hugs or kisses.

This is no nonsense.

Even if sport comes back

there’ll be no one in the stands.

I’ve had it with COVID-19,

I’m gonna go wash my hands.

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