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Tenants seek govt intervention



AMIDST the pandemic, residents of House 6 located in between the building housing the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and the Federal Inland Revenue Service in Abuja Estate, Awka have expressed grief over the inhumane treatment meted to them by their landlord.

  An eye witness who spoke under the condition of anonymity expressed his sympathy towards the tenants in such dire situation.

“It is unfortunate that these tenants are undergoing such predicament especially in a moment like this.”

  One of the tenants, Oluchi (surname withheld) lamented over the situation. In her comment, she explained how some men who claimed to be officials from the Ministry of Lands and Survey came to the compound few weeks back and asked the occupants to vacate the building in less than 24 hours.  According to them, they were acting under the strict instructions from their boss.

  “Last week, Tuesday, we saw some men in the compound who said they were instructed by their director to seal the property. We appealed to them to give us more time since we didn’t know the reason behind their action.”

  Another tenant who spoke on condition of anonymity expressed grievance on the matter and explained how the tenants made attempt to reach out to the landlord who is the Director and Chairman of Onitsha South Mass Transit, with Headquarters in Enugu.

  “We had to make contributions and then, sent three persons; two outgoing corps members and a fashion designer to represent us. They came back with reports that he refused to give them audience after three consecutive days.

‘  We have our properties sealed within for the past one week. None of us expected such treatment at this period of time. This is a hard time. We are left stranded and don’t have a place to stay, considering the weather conditions,’ the tenant lamented.

     They however, appealed for the intervention of government agency to come to their rescue.

    Attempts to reach the landlord proved abortive as the representatives of the tenants made a three day journey to his residence in Enugu State without being given audience.

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