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Why Okpoko Residents Are Referred To As Pigs



The plight of Okpoko residents in Ogbaru one state constituency have been brought to the fore once again due to the deplorable conditions of roads and other infrastructures in the area.

This time they were described as pigs as a result of the excruciating conditions they have been subjected to due to the outright lack and total absence of basic facilities in the entire Okpoko community.The very poor state of the urban-slum was the crux of the matter during the plenary of the Anambra State House of Assembly.

The lawmaker representing Awka-North state constiuency Hon.John Nwokoye who during his contributions bemoaned the fact that roads to be accorded priority attention were not mentioned in the budget except allocations, maintained that it was the remote reason roads were not given the attention they deserved, stressing that that was the plight of Okpoko community and why residents were referred to as pigs.

Nwokoye said , ” most of the mistakes concerning our dilapidated roads in Anambra state cenres about 50% on us lawmakers. During budget process we did not tag any particular road with the money mapped out for road works. I think it is time we lived up to our expectations as Honourable members by doing the needful.

” I am pleading with Honourable members that in the next budget, let us help the committee on works because as it stands now, the committee on works can not hold the ministry of works responsible for not living up to the expectations of the people. Reason is simply because none of these roads are being mentioned in the budget instead the total bulk of money is being mentioned.”

” Apart from that, Okpoko community is one of the most populated communities in Anambra state and people outside Okpoko regard them as pigs because they live with pigs. I weep for my Honourable colleague because he is from Okpoko. “

“The perceptions of people concerning those living in Okpoko is due to the deplorable conditions of their roads. The commissioner for works should be urged to do the needful to salvage their living conditions.”

The Chairman House of Assembly Committee on Works Hon.Timothy Ifedioramma who expressed pity for those living in Okpoko community, said it was time governnent began to blacklist erring contractors and worst still was that the ministry of works was not forthcoming with information that would aid the committee in carrying out its oversight duties.

Ifedioramma stated that ” if we get a feedback from them, we will be able to juxtapose what the contractors are saying with what the true position is to enable the House of Assembly take a position but we can’t go further now because the information required from the ministry is not forthcoming.” Honourable colleagues the situation in Okpoko community is laughable because we have gone on oversight function to the area. They really need governnent intervention urgently.”

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