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Bryan Cranston donates liquid gold plasma after recovering from COVID-19



AMERICAN actor, Bryan Cranston  has moved to donate his “liquid gold” plasma to  fight COVID-19 death after he recovered from the virus.

  The actor through his instagram message disclosed that he donated plasma to COVID-19 research, after having a mild case of the virus recently.

  The Breaking Bad star in a video post shared his feelings, “very lucky” to have suffered “very mild symptoms” and wanted to do something to help.

  I urge you to keep wearing the damn mask, keep washing your hands and stay socially distant,” the actor said.

  The video shows him going into hospital to allow medics take some of his blood for analysis.

  “Hopefully the plasma donation can help some other people,” he said.

  Despite carefully following recommended safety protocols, Cranston confirmed that he had contracted COVID-19.

  He said he experienced mild symptoms, including a slight headache, tightness in his chest and the loss of taste and smell:

  Since recuperating from the virus, the actor has been donating plasma at the UCLA Blood and Plasma Donation Center “because I have the antibodies,” he said.

  The plasma can be used to help treat people suffering from COVID-19, and can be utilised in scientific research into the virus.

President Donald Trump during a visit to the American Red Cross headquarters in Washington yesterday urged those who had recovered form COVID-19 to donate plasma.

“If you’ve had the virus, if you donate [plasma], it would be a terrific thing,” Trump said.

The president added, “to those that have had the virus, you’ve gotten through it, and I guess that means you have something very special there.”

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