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First dog to test positive for coronavirus in US dies



THE first dog to test positive for coronavirus in the US has died.

Buddy, the seven-year-old German shepherd from New York, passed away after a three-month illness, according to the National Geographic report.

The US Department of Agriculture confirmed Buddy was the first dog to test positive for the disease in the US on June 2.

It is unclear whether Buddy died from coronavirus, which he may have contracted from his owner, Robert Mahoney, who tested positive for the disease in the spring, or if it was from lymphoma.

Two veterinarians who were not part of his treatment, but who reviewed Buddy’s medical records for National Geographic, told the media that the dog probably had cancer.

The dog ((German shepherd), commonly used as police dogs came down with illness in April but it wasn’t until mid-May that a veterinary officer confirmed Buddy had coronavirus.

“You tell people that your dog was positive, and they look at you (as if you have) ten heads,” owner and Robert Mahoney’s wife, Allison said.

A USDA report at the time read, “Samples from the dog were taken after it showed signs of respiratory illness. The dog is expected to make a full recovery.”

However, Buddy failed to make a full recovery and he had to be put down due to becoming so ill.

Buddy’s death comes after the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Christine Middlemiss confirmed a cat in the UK had contracted coronavirus.

The infection was confirmed following tests at the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) laboratory in Weybridge on Wednesday.

The advice from Public Health England (PHE) is for people to wash their hands regularly, including before and after contact with animals.

According to Middlemiss,“this is a very rare event with infected animals detected to date only showing mild clinical signs and recovering within in a few days.”

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