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Oxford medicine don advocates 90 minutes test-kit for pupils’ screening



OXFORD University Professor of Medicine, Sir John, Regius who is leading the UK government’s ongoing search for a reliable antibody test, has prescribed the use of 90- minutes test machine for pupils as the new quick turnaround tests is set to be rolled out in hospitals care homes, laboratories and schools across the country.

​  The swab and DNA tests will help deal with the virus in cold season, enabling clinicians and NHS Test and Trace to differentiate between COVID-19, which requires sufferers to undergo specific self-isolation, and other seasonal illnesses, the Department of Health said.

  The leading immunologist, while speaking to the media said,  that tests need to be used more extensively by the private sector, adding that there was a “huge unmet need by schools, airports and airlines who could screen their workplaces as well as people before they access the premises.

  “If you look at schools, there’s going to be a huge interest in keeping them safe the best way to do that is to screen the children at some level,” he said.

  He added that some people have said once a week should be okay but others have said less frequently.

  “For example, in boarding schools you could screen the kids when they came back from home and probably not screen them very often until they went home again and then screen them when they reentered the school because it acts as a large bubble.”

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