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Time to think about past, current and future



Farewell to the poor, the sick and the old
The earth has breathed its next-to-last wish
This leaves us stunned and powerless
In a state of shock

While it is true that these aphorisms
Have no scientific basis
Most of the people killed by the novel coronavirus
Also known as SARS-CoV-2

Were, in fact, old, chronically ill
Or socioeconomically disadvantaged
This pandemic has affected us all
And continues to do so
But it affects some people more than others

And it has done so at a frenetic pace
Spreading at incredible speed
In a way not seen since the 1918 flu pandemic
In the little more than four months
Since the emergence of the novel coronavirus

In a Chinese city over 10,000 km away
COVID-19 has spread relentlessly
In a pandemic that has swept through our societies
Forcing one health system after another
To launch a desperate SOS

As they were overwhelmed by the virulence of the unknown virus
These months of confinement
Have given us time to think
About past, current and future epidemics.

Eventually the pandemic
Will be controlled but in the meantime
We will learn a lot
We will change the way
We interact with others,
We will live with omnipresent
Physical distances in our minds,
And our day to day lives

Will inevitably be different
And what will be the cost?
Fear will gain a lot of ground
Generating a state of extreme vulnerability
It is to be hoped that a better understanding
Of what we want as a society
Will emerge from all this suffering

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