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Anambra to establish rural electrification agency



RURAL areas in Anambra State will in no distant future, bid farewell to perennial power outage as the state assembly calls for the establishment of Power and Rural Electrification Agency.

  The bill for a law to set up the rural electrification agency, which was sponsored by the Deputy Majority Leader of the state Assembly and lawmaker representing Orumba-North State Constiuency, Chief Emeka Aforka, will amongst other critical functions, ensure steady supply of electricity in the rural areas and community settlements in Anambra State.

  Aforka, who spoke with our correspondent on the import of the bill, explained that he initiated the bill because he grew up in a small village where he witnessed the perennial problem of electricity.

  The chief sponsor of the Rural Electrification Agency Bill also disclosed that the bill had gone through the first reading on the floor of the House and should it receive the blessings and endorsement of the 7th legislature, would go a long way to help promote constant provision and distribution of electricity to rural areas and every part of Anambra State.

  The Orumba-North Constituency Representative further stated that the bill will help government set up an agency that would be saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that every nook and cranny of the got power supply.

  He was equally of the opinion that if the bill eventually saw the light of the day, it would aid in the reduction of cost of production, noting that the bill will also help construction industry to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

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