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Encomiums as Offodile departs



The atmosphere was saturated with outpouring of emotions and gratitude to God for a brief but a life well spent as late Charles Chinwuba Offodile, Assistant Controller of Nigeria Customs Service, Tinapa Free Trade Zone, Calabar Command was interred in his country home, Amudo Village, Awka.   

   In his homily at the inter-denominational church service, Pastor Emmanuel Stephen of Living Faith Church, Enugu-Ukwu admonished Christians to understand that life is terminal. That knowing who they live for makes them understands the essence of life. For there was a day everyone was born and certainly there will be a day of exit.

 Charging the people with Hebrews 9:27 – that it has been assigned unto man to die once and after that is judgment, he cautioned, “there is no room to order your work aright or what to tell God to please Him after death. It’s not a matter of you standing in the court before a judge, rather you standing before your Maker where there would be no room for debate or argument.”

   Pastor Stepen encouraged them to examine their relationship with God, noting that we are dust and beyond death, life continues in heaven with God or in hell with Satan. “Understand that death has no date. It could be any time and when it comes knocking, what would be your disposition. How you live your life shapes eternity for you.”

  In his words, Pastor Richard Okon of Assemblies of God Church, Calabar, Cross River State, described late Offodile as an exceptional person, “his heart panted for God. You can’t relate with him without growing your love for God. He was so generous to a fault. The status he attained notwithstanding, he was humble and expressed love and understanding to others.”

  Earlier in his welcome charge, Pastor Emeka Ezenwa of Living Faith Church, Mbaukwu, attested that late Offodile lived a worthy life to be emulated. That he valued true friendship and very supportive, stressing that any friendship with him called for deeper relationship with God. “He makes you see the scriptures with new insight. The love of God and His kingdom was what he lived for.”

  Pastor Ezenwa eulogised him for seeing to the welfare of others. “After death what lasting impression would you leave in people’s minds. Examine your relationship with God. No connection, neither wealth nor status can save anyone than Jesus. And that can only happen before death. Any other thing hoped for than in Christ is sinking sand,” he said.

  The eldest child of the deceased Ogechukwu Offodile said her father was a wonderful man, who loved the things of God and Jesus Christ more than anything else. “He was someone that preached the gospel of love, the love for your neighbour and the love of God. He left an imprint on me and it also reflected in people that associated with him. He lives on in my memory,” she said.

  She encouraged her siblings to take heart and uplift the legacy their father left behind.

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