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COVID-19: We’ll all pay the price



MAMA, wear your facial mask before you leave” a daughter urged her mum who was prepared to leave for the market without a face mask. Why should I do so?’ She queried, “I will be coming back in no distant time and the market is not far away”. “But Mama, you could be caught by some security agents and then you will have to pay a fine double the price of a face mask”, the troubled daughter explained. “Anyway, bring it let me go with it, even though it might not be of any help”, the mother replied as she left for the market.

  What more can we say? Countless times have the government and different organisations been sounding the warning repeatedly for people to take the safety precautions necessary to help eradicate the coronavirus but all seem to be falling on deaf ears.  

  Yes, we seem to take everything for granted even when it involves our own health. It is obvious that the coronavirus has been a thorn in the flesh of everyone of us and we all wish that we could go back to the “good old days” where we could move around freely without any form of restriction, mingle with friends and have fun without having to observe social distancing and all that. But very few of us are willing to pay the price required to get back our ‘freedom’ and defeat the virus that has kept us all behind close doors.

We were asked to stay at home; we complained of hunger and ended up coming out in our numbers on the streets. When asked to wash our hands regularly, we give excuses of not having sanitisers, running water and all of that.

We keep giving excuses again and again. I quite understand that things have not been easy on anyone during this period, but imagine that we had  all complied to the instructions and directives given to us at first; if we had not disobeyed the sit-at-home order by the government for the first two weeks of the lock down, maybe by this time, we would not still be in this mess or at most, we would be able to point fingers on the particular areas where the virus has its tent pitched and tackle it accordingly, and by now, we would no longer be crying of lockdown locking our pockets down.

Are we going to always be pushed before we obey every single instruction from the government? And it is not as though our country is the first place the virus came into, as we have seen a lot of countries with highly qualified health workers and well equipped hospitals which the virus ravaged their country and crushed their economy as they record thousands of people dying in just one day and yet, we want to make the same mistake some of them made.

Even the security agencies meant to enforce the law are the same set of people that instigate lawlessness in their various duty posts. I can recall when the federal government officially closed down the boarders of the states, yet, you still see people travelling around the country. I don’t really know how they get to do that whether they disappear into thin air.

I wish we could understand that disobedience to the government is to our own detriment and be more serious with the fight against COVID-19 as it is gradually becoming part of our society and we shouldn’t let that happen as we cannot bear the consequences.

This virus is a deadly one and we all should heed all government instructions. The discussion above between a mother and her daughter is a clear example of how most people treat government instructions.

It simply shows that if not for the fine she would possibly pay if caught by security agents; the mother would not have worn her face mask. It equally shows that she doesn’t even understand the reason why she should use a face mask; otherwise she would have thought of the possibility of contracting the virus or spreading it if peradventure she has the virus.

You don’t wear a facial mask for security agents or to avoid paying a fine, you wear a facial mask to protect yourself to some extent and mainly to protect others. Everyone should follow the precautionary measures laid down by the government and that of other health organizations on how to stay safe from the reach of the virus no matter how difficult or inconveniencing they are.

That is the price we have to pay to regain our freedom. Even if we choose to do otherwise, we will still pay the bigger price which may be contracting the disease ourselves or having our loved ones contract it which may lead to loss of lives and more.

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