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Obiano: Garlands for trailblazer amid pandemic challenge



In commemoration of Gov.Willie Obiano’s birthday, CHINWENDU UZOATU, IFEANYI NDUKWE, CHARITY UZOAGBA, BLESSING NNABUIFE and NNENNA MBANUGO captured some peoples’ impression on the governor. Excerpts:

May God build him with more wisdom – Solo Chukwulobelu

FOR the past six and half years, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano has been at the saddle of running this state and I think by every objective assessment he has done extremely well.

  Those of us that know how the state was in 2014, when he came in would objectively accept that the state has made substantial progress. That is how you would be able to differentiate what was there when he came in and now that he is there.

  He still has about 21 months to go and a lot can happen in that period. So my assessment is, not just that I’m his SSG but as onye Anambra who know how the state was, knows that the state has done very well.

  The state has progressed and is still advancing substantially over the past six and half years that his Excellency has been the governor.

  Obviously, as he turns 65, I’m wishing him God’s blessings, good health, long life to see his children and more so, to continue to build him with more wisdom and understanding to pilot the affairs of the state for the period that he has to run through government.

Obiano is ‘God sent’ – Leo Nwuba

IT IS a great thing of joy that God has preserved our governor, Chief Willie Obiano his life to this date that he is marking another one year of his birthday. So we thank God, because Gov. Willie Obiano is ‘God sent’ to Anambra State.

  He has exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable and exemplary leadership. We thank God for preserving his life, we rejoice with him and pray that the good God will continue to give him long life, good health, peace, happiness together with his entire family. God bless you with your enormous energy.

Obiano is a digital governor – Uzor Maxim Uzoatu

GOV. Willie Obiano is a leader of light and incidentally, Anambra is Light of the Nation. All streets and towns of Anambra teem with electricity on the highways unlike other states.

  It is in his character not to celebrate his achievements as he has asked people not to place adverts for his birthday. He is workers – friendly, thus earning the title ‘Alert Governor’ because he pays salaries promptly. Before the coming of Obiano, Anambra had no media to crow about. National Light used to be a 4 – page rag but once Obiano hired the resourceful Sir. Chuka Nnabuife, the newspaper has transformed into a wonder of this digital age. ABS Radio and TV can now play in the big league under the astute leadership of Chief Uche Nworah.

  In short, he is a digital governor. The governor insisted on the best standards such as the super duper airport coming on stream in record speed. Obiano lets his multiform works to do his talking for him.

He is a compassionate leader – Carter Dike Nnamdi Umeh

TODAY is a day that produced one of the best leaders South East has ever had; a day that will most definitely get stocked in the mouth of every Anambrarian; a day that birthed the best governor Anambra has ever had. If only Nigeria will have 20% of his kind, her problem should’ve been solved. It is very pertinent to say that every aspiring leader should continuously bask in his school of leadership thoughts.

  His vision to make Anambra the economic/investment hub in Southeast whilst making the state the safest one is top notch. Strategically, his administration has positioned Anambra State to its take off stage for economic development. As if that isn’t enough, he went further to pull a milestone in providing in its adequacy both infrastructural and healthcare facilities.  He is a compassionate leader who at every point in time places people’s interest above self.

There is development in all sectors – Obinna Okechukwu

OBIANO is one leader most of the elites would love to come in contact with because of intellectualism, generosity, proofs of benevolence, commitment to service/work, dedication and hardwork, etc. He has taken Anambra State from grass to grace and from scratch to top, making Anambra safe and secured for investors, payment of salaries as at when due, development of state infrastructure, improvement on our agricultural sector and commerce, among others.

  Indeed, He who resides within the Anambra axis can testify of how ill the state has been in some necessary factors but today, it is a different story to tell. All thanks to Chief Dr Willie M. Obiano for the peaceful and enabling environment he has given to Ndi Anambra.

Security of lives, properties has greatly improved – Chidinma Ndukwe

WE appreciate his leadership stratagems as they are broad and encompassing to various sectors of the economy. So far so good, Obaino has done so well, especially in the aspects of security. You would agree with me that Anambra is respectfully the most secured state in the South East.

  The security of lives and properties in the state has greatly improved. Besides every great man is a great woman. The wife to the Governor, Her Excellency, Ebelechukwu Obaino has done so much as well. She has been so wonderful to children, especially at emergency situations as we are presently. Of recent, Osodieme has taken the bull by its horns by reaching out to the less-privileged in diverse parts of the state.

  Interestingly, the schools for special children have received boost with new infrastructure and total welfare, sharing palliatives to the kids, making sure necessary needs are met. In the aspect of health, Governor Obiano has spread his tentacles to include every single citizenry. Such organisations like ASHIA have helped in containing the spread of the pandemic and sensitising the people on health insurance and good vitality.

Obiano is a visionary leader – Patrick Ugbaja

OBIANO is a visionary leader and very proactive. He has the hunger to touch the lives of his people. He is down to earth to achieve his set objectives. Like what happens in COVID-19 pandemic, you see somebody being proactive, visionary and in such a case, he tries to keep his people safe during the pandemic situation.

  Consider the manner he introduced all the coronavirus issues and how he followed up to save lives of Anambra people. In education sector, you see what he has achieved through ASUBEB. He has been able to build and construct schools blocks; primary, junior secondary schools. He has done this because he has continued to pay UBEC marching grant.

  With the assessment of these funds we have been able to achieve a lot in the education sector. We have seen the airport going on. As a visionary leader, he has seen that it is one of the infrastructures needed in Anambra because Anambra people travel often. You can see the road constructions. As a visionary leader, by the end of rainy season all the roads must have been repaired. In ever every community today, you must see projects that are done through ‘Community Choose Your Project’ Fund. Also in electricity sector, night life has returned in communities because of street light by Obiano administration. On behalf of Anambra state Universal Basic Education Board (ASUBEB). 

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