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Rural schools in Anambra ready for full resumption



IN total compliance with the federal government directive for resumption of schools by exit classes, rural schools in Anambra State have expressed readiness for full resumption of the entire school.

 Principal, St. Peter’s Secondary School, Achina, Rev. Fr. Felix Nwosu, made this known while interacting with Information Officers at his residence within the school premises.

The principal said: “no fewer than 100 students in exit class have resumed classes. Before their return, we fumigated and kept everywhere clean.

“At entrance, there are buckets of running water, soap to ensure that students coming from their homes and visitors wash their hands before being allowed entry into the school.

“We procured the infrared thermometer that enables us to check the temperature of every person entering into the school. If it is bad, we have a place to quarantine the person and alert the health authorities.”

Fr. Nwosu said that they had not seen anybody with bad temperature but provisions were made to check eventualities like that.

“I personally have held sensitisation interaction with students and teachers, where we agreed that putting on face masks will be in our own interest. Nobody is making the mistake of not putting it on. Our sitting arrangement is two metres apart from each other. So, we are measuring up with the challenges favourably,” he added.

The principal commended FG’s courage in ordering the reopening of schools for exit classes amid COVID-19 worries.

He expressed optimism that if allowed to reopen fully, their level of preparedness to observe COVID-19 protocols would put eventualities to check.

The story was similar to that of Mrs Irene Okpala, Assistant Headmistress, combined schools in Akpo and Achina, who said: “COVID-19 safety protocols have been drummed into their ears”.

She commended the Health Commissioner, Dr Vincent Okpala, his Information counterpart, Mr C Don Adinuba and the media for taking the fight of coronavirus pandemic to its height.

Mrs Okpala added: “every normal ear has heard and known the importance of safety measures. I wish schools open fully”.

At Community Secondary School, Akpo, the Acting Principal, Mrs Pauline Ojiakor said: “We have no fewer than 100 students in the school. 

“It is an advantage in making sure that students stay away from another with about two metres in-between. We are not finding it difficult in managing those in exit classes now. All COVID-19 safety protocols are being observed.”

However, she regretted not having infrared thermometer, pleading with the government to make it available to all schools, because the pandemic affecting a student in any school could spell doom to others.

At Monsignor Martin Okpala’s Memorial Nursery/Primary School, Akpo, the story was not different.

Assistant Headmistress, Mrs Rita Onyebuchi said: “Keeping to safety protocols of COVID-19 was in the interest of those that do it. So, no normal educated person will wait to be forced to do it, especially those of us in the business of teaching children.

“Their lives are more important than anything else. If we lose them, we have lost all, including our job. So, we are observing every safety protocol with pupil of the exit class.

“If government allows total reopening, we will not find it difficult managing our pupils in total compliance to COVID-19 preventive protocols,” she vowed.

At St. Peter’s Secondary School, students, Franklin Obiefuna, Fechi Ezejindu and Chinaza Ezeudu expressed gratitude to the FG for giving them the opportunity to come back to school to face their examinations.

At Community Secondary School, Akpo, Elochukwu Okpalaononobi, Emmanuel Alisofor-Ume and Chinolu Okpala praised the state and FG for having their affairs in mind.

“Coming back to school is a dream come true. It is God’s response to student’s prayers across the nation.”

However, they explained that carrying water from their homes to school makes their academic work boring, pleading with the government to rehabilitate their borehole.

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