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Keeping with customer expectations after covid-19



AS the COVID-19 pandemic continues,  business men and women must properly manage their customers’ expectations about new store policies and procedures.

Make customers to know that the rules apply to everyone: In most states, businesses have only been allowed to reopen under certain conditions, including strict capacity limits and health screening. While some customers may scoff at these requirements, Heather and Ben Freiser, co-owners of Beginnings Bar and Restaurant, are reminding patrons that their personal views shouldn’t affect the safety of employees and other guests.

  “These new regulations are not restaurant policies, they’re temporary laws.”  

  “If (customers) make light of them, the establishment can be fined and possibly lose their liquor license.”

Be transparent about changes, challenges and delays : If your customers don’t know the rules – or the reasoning behind them-they’re less likely to follow those rules. That’s why CEO of, Zoriy Birenboym recommends complete honesty and transparency with customers before they come into your store.

  “To make sure your customers don’t have any issues or feel surprised, be 100 per cent transparent with them,” said Birenboym. “That way, comfort level and trust goes through the roof.”

This rule of transparency also goes for any potential delays or supply chain shortages you may be experiencing.

“Your customers want to know how you’ll continue to serve them, what’s new or different and whether there will be supply or delivery issues,” said Alex Azoury, founder and CEO of Home Grounds. “They appreciate the truth. This means you need to be upfront when you anticipate a potential problem, instead of apologizing for it later.”

“It won’t hurt to be upfront to your customers about your struggles and how things may change,” added David Foley, founder of Unify Cosmos. “This won’t surprise them all of a sudden that you’re switching things up, and it helps draw out understanding and empathy.”

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