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Tourism will boost Anambra economy – Okechukwu



TOURISM and hospitality sector have the potentials to become major economic cornerstone for Anambra State, if the abundant untapped natural resources available in the state are properly harnessed as revenue yielding ventures.

    An Awka-based legal practitioner and former state Chairman of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Emmanuel Chukwudi Okechukwu, made the advocacy while interacting with pressmen, and strongly recommended the development of the Ogbunike Cave and Ogbaukwu Cave and Water Falls at Owere- Ezukala, in Oyi and Orumba South Local Government Areas, respectively, into tourism centres.

    Ozo Okechukwu described the two caves as “huge God’s special gifts and potential geese that will lay the golden eggs for the state government when maximally harnessed and developed into modern vibrant tourism attraction resorts of international standard.

    He recommended that such investment in the hospitality industry would spur more influx of foreign investors, pointing out that it should also be backed with massive advertisement locally and internationally to lure tourists from around the world to come and savour the gifts of nature in the state.

    He cited the Golden Tulip Hotels and Resort located at the Agulu Lake as a typical example of the basic tourism projects capable to put the state in the global tourism almanac together with the Ogbunike and Owere-Ezukala Cave and Water Falls reputed to the biggest in the country.

    The legal luminary and erstwhile President-General of Awka Development Union Nigeria (ADUN), posited that since the state’s acronym had since changed from ‘Home for All’ to the ‘Light of the Nation’, corresponding attention should be channeled towards the provision of necessary.

    Ozo Okechukwu who is presently constructing a multi-million-naira hotel at Amawbia, in Awka capital city, confided that he diversified to the venture as personal contribution to the promotion of tourism sector, thereby boosting the economy of the state.

    He further advocated the abolition of some obnoxious laws inherited from the defunct British colonial masters to subdue Africans from exercising their fundamental human rights which are now inimical to the socio-economic advancement and ease of doing business in the country.

    To buttress his point, the legal practitioner questioned the “rationale for continued harassment of commercial sex workers by law-enforcement agents some of whom also patronize them when feeling the urge,” just as he argued that “some of these girls are jobless university graduates compelled to seek alternative means of livelihood instead of remaining heavy burdens on their parents.”

    Said he: “These girls are mature adults and many of them have aged parents and other dependents relying on them for survival and they cannot afford to fold their arms and watch their parents die of hunger. Even the so-called advanced nations now do atrocious things and back them up with laws, such as the same-sex marriage, gay, lesbianism and all that nonsense.”

    Ozo Okechukwu stressed that the escalating rape cases across the country could be nipped if the present stigmatization of commercial sex workers was redressed to enable them operate freely and be accessible for young men to resist the temptation of rape and pedophilia now very rampant.

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