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Anambra needs peace – Okafor



As today marks 29 years of the creation of Anambra State, CHIKAODI CHUKWULETA, CHARITY UZOAGBA, FAVOUR OZOEMENA and NNENNA MBANUGO got people’s views on how the state has fared and suggestions on how to improve on the achievements. Enjoy the excerpts.

ANAMBRA has been like this because we are not together, we don’t support one another. If we are one from the creation of state till now, we could have gone far better than being where we are today. Security wise, schools  and other amenities, the state is doing well, but in the area of roads, erosion is trying to sweep the state.

  Every governor that comes in goes to his home town and leaves the capital city undeveloped. You don’t listen to people when you want to build roads. During the time of former governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, he demolished and removed several structures and dualised many roads in Imo State for easy traffic. This is how it should be. Anambra State should desist from bickering criticisms, tackling one another especially on media. What does Anambra have to show after 29 years of creation? Go to Ebonyi State and see what is happening there. People no longer see it as a thing of shame to hail from Abakiliki. Anambra people need to come together. O si taa dị mma, ọ dibara gbooo. Let’s leave all these disputes (settle them). It doesn’t bring progress. Where there is peace, everything goes on well. In Nollywood ( my base), we say peace pass wahala. Peace is what we need in Anambra State. Let peace reign so that may be in our 30 years , there will even be more progress. Politics is not a do or die affair. Election is coming now, who is going to be the governor? Who will pilot the affairs of Anambra State to the next level? Nobody knows. If they tell Igbo to selcet a man for presidency, 100 people will emerge and be struggling for it. In this forthcoming election, let the best man win. Igbo enwe eze, Igbo enwe eze, kedu mgbe Igbo ga- enwe eze?

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