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Together, we’ll achieve more – Ude Akpeh



As today marks 29 years of the creation of Anambra State, CHIKAODI CHUKWULETA, CHARITY UZOAGBA, FAVOUR OZOEMENA and NNENNA MBANUGO got people’s views on how the state has fared and suggestions on how to improve on the achievements. Enjoy the excerpts.

AS Anambra marks 29 years of creation, all I can say is to congratulate ourselves for what we have done so far but challenge us to go ahead and better our best. Each and every one of us, ndi Anambra should take it personal, see this as a personal celebration that Anambra belongs to all of us and we all should do whatever we can to make Anambra to continue to be the Light of the Nation; to make Anambra to shine and shine very bright through our thoughts, actions and utterances. In everything that we do, may it always reflect the fact that we are the Light of the Nation and may we build a better tomorrow so that those coming after us will be very proud to call us their forbearers.

As we are talking about Anambra at 29, we are not talking about government. As a people, we own Anambra State. Without us the people, there will be no Anambra. That is why I said that each of us as individuals should take it personal. I have already congratulated all of us. However in the past 29 years, we have done our best, but I say that we should go extra miles to better that best. 29 years should not be a time to start having regrets or start saying ‘ I should have’ because there is still tomorrow to make amends for those ones who may feel that we have not done well. So, let all of us take it personal that to develop and build the Anambra of our dreams should be something that all of us must do together. Each and every one of us knows what is expected of us. Together, everyone will achieve more; no one person can do it individually. Our actions impact on the overall well being of our state. Let each of us sit down and visualise the Anambra of his or her dream and once we visualise that, let our thoughts, our utterances or actions be in the direction of making that Anambra of our dreams come real. I am not going to do it for you; you are not going to do it for me. Rather, you know the Anambra that you want to have. If we all believe that Anambra is the light of the nation, may we work towards making everything to shine bright enough that it will be envy of all.

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