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My Reality



How quickly life changes
From a normal routine
Where waking up in the morning
And having a productive day
Is guaranteed

The time says 8:00
And so does the light from the sun
But now when I wake up
It’s hard to tell if the day has begun
My desk is the dining room table

Where I sit across from my brother
Where we don’t have to get up
To go from one class to another
We go to every class together,

Which is different from school
Though we are on our own schedule
And that’s pretty cool
Getting work done is very straight forward

But there are no funny interruptions
Laughs or pats on the back to make it a reward
Doing school online is a lot like summer
It is more relaxing and flexible

Almost like it’s school but undercover
I never thought that this would be my reality
But then again anything can happen
And that’s part of the world’s actuality

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