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Anambra 2021 poll: PDP embroiled in tension



ALL is still not well in Anambra State Chapter of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as different camps within the party exchange potshots, seeking to outwit each other in numerous plots and counter plots ahead of the forth coming gubernatorial election scheduled for the state in 2021.

  With about 12 candidates aspiring for the party’s governorship ticket, the stakes cannot be higher.

  An insider involved in the scheming said while some power brokers feel compelled to sail with the wind of zoning the ticket to Anambra South, some godfathers in the party have sworn to handpick their favoured candidates from other zones.

  According to him, a notorious money bag, who prances around with his touted All Progressives Congress (APC) membership in the open, is hell-bent on foisting his stooge from Anambra Central Zone on PDP from the shadows. But a former governor of the state has sworn to let his rival have his way over the latter’s dead body.

  The source revealed that while these two musketeers and their foot soldiers perfect their strategies, hiding  behind the facade within their reach, the state chairmanship post of the party has become their favourite veil.

  This leaves current Chairman of PDP in Anambra, Ndubuisi Nwobu, at the mercy of camps fighting one another along more than four feuding camps. And there are fears he may be removed before the party holds its gubernatorial primary.

  But Nwobu is not resting on his oars either, as he is doing all he can to consolidate his position. Part of the attempts by him to stave off pressure was a press conference he held in Awka on Tuesday.

  Speaking to newsmen, Nwobu said that anybody wishing to clinch the party’s ticket should work to garner supports of its greatest majority, because the primary election would be participatory to allow only the delegates determine who flagbearer becomes.

  “We have given delegates’ lists to all persons who are running for governor in Anambra State on our platform. This has never happened before. We are bent on ensuring that the right person who is elected by the people wins the ticket of the party for the election.

My executive has no paymaster and would not be bought over by anybody. This executive does not have a paymaster and we do not pander to the whims and caprices of any paymaster.

That is why we do not have money to do some of the things we should do in this party. Money bags who usually throw money about are not comfortable with us because we are not ready to do their bidding,” Nwobu said.

  Although he said no individual can influence emergence of candidates within the party structure under him, the source said that Nwobu was being economical with the truth.

  According to him, Nwobu cannot be truly assuring of a level playing field for all aspirants when he is already rooting for the candidate of one of the four camps.

  “With Nwosu clearly working for a particular camp among the four contending blocks in our party, his position is irredeemably vulnerable and weak to command necessary clouts he needs to whip anybody in line,” the source said.

  This is why observers wonder how easy it will be for PDP to put its house in order in time, amid the game of musical chairs within its ranks, to stake a credible claim at the 2021 Anambra governorship election.

  It will be recalled that recently, Nwobu publicly attacked a governor of Anambra State in the third republic,  Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife and some prominent PDP members in the state who met and agreed to zone the governorship position to Anambra Southe, saying they were not speaking for the party.

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