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Fairly used motor parts dealers introduce I.D cards



THE bad name some vicious persons gave to the registered members of Fairly Used Motor Parts Dealers Association (Ngbuka) Nnewi, has enabled the executive members of the association to fish out bad eggs by timely introduction of I.D cards to registered members.

  To this end, the chairman, Fairly Used Motor Spare Parts Dealers Association, Chinedu Enyeribem, whose administration introduced the I.D cards for the first time said that these infiltrating miscreants who gave them a lot to chew have been handled with the police and their task force.

  Comrade Enyeribem said that the sector was a place of complete genuine business, adding that food sellers have been shifted to a place where they will sell and clean up their surroundings unlike when they were throwing food wastes carelessly which could attract sicknesses.

  He said that they have punitive measures for those who violate market closure time of as was ordered by Anambra State Government as well as COVID-19 preventive maintenance.

  He said that gully erosion has submerged some of their members’ shops which located within its base and regretted that the I.G.R which the destroyed shop owners were paying can longer be attracted and beckoned passionately to Governor Obiano to come to their aid before the gully erosion sacks them from their site.

  Enyeribem was of the opinion that some of the ugly incidents that happen today were happening before the advent of social media which today reveals those hidden moral decadence, especially rape sagas that has given the country infamous name.

  He finally called on parents and guardians to monitor the companies their children keep and correct them when they miss steps.

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