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Noah thrills in ‘Born A Crime’



Title: Born A Crime
Author: Trevor Noah
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau
Publication date: Nov 15, 2016
Nō of pages: 304
Reviewer: Favour Ozoemena

BY TURNS alarming and hilarious, the book, ‘Born A Crime’ is a well blended mix of reality with comic relief. The book navigates the life of Trevor from his- very dramatic-childhood, to the confusion that comes with both being a preteen and a teenager, the absurdity of apartheid and how he eventually became a popular comedian. His life is quite captivating.

  Born in the heat of apartheid to a Swiss father and a Xhosa mother, his existence was considered a crime just as the title suggests. Trevor spent most of his early childhood in hiding to keep the authorities from taking him away. The spontaneity of his story makes the book a hard one to put down.

  Throughout the book, he surveys consequential topics such as colonialism, racism, apartheid, being left out, abusive relationships, religion and so much more. He shared stories of depth by introducing characters such as Patricia Noah, who is a mother in all sense of the word with unshakable principles and beliefs, Abel the abusive alcoholic stepfather and it’s nothing short of a miracle that Trevor survived. His reclusive father, Robert, the Swiss expatriate with a disdain for apartheid and so many others give his story the vibrancy unique to it.

  Trevor crafted this story bluntly but with a whole lot of humour ensuring that it is unforgettable. It’s a book for those brave enough to laugh through hard times.

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