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Plans to list Anambra among oil-producing states underway, says Ifeanya



ANAMBRA State  Secretary  of All  Progressives  Grand  Alliance (APGA), Anthony  Ifeanya, has  revealed  that plans  had  been  perfected to  shortlist  Anambra State  as  one of the  oil  producing states in the  country.

   Ifeanya, who  made this revelation during a press interview in his  office  at the  Corporate Headquarters of APGA in the state, said  that the  drive  would  no  doubt,  enhance the  chances of  the  state  to  start  benefitting from  the 13 per cent  oil  derivation like every other oil-producing states in the  country.

  The  APGA  Secretary, who is a former  Chairman,  Ayamelum  Local  Government  Area, maintained that  the  APGA  Government  in the state  has  significantly  done  well since  it  assumed  office  in 2006 after  its  protracted legal tussles in the  law  court and  identified the  changing of  the  state sobriquet from the  Home  For  All to Light  of The  Nation, transformation  of the  Awka  Capital  City which according to him,  was like  a glorified village to a modern and  a befitting  capital  city with  construction of the gigantic flyover  bridges at the  three major strategic junctions along the  Onitsha-Enugu Express-way  in Awka as some of the  glaring  testimonies.

    Ifeanya, who  affirmed that it  has  been  progress  all the  way since  APGA government came to  power  in the state, also singled out the  construction of the  NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp  at  Umuawulu community, attraction  of both foreign currency  and  investors into the state by Governor  Willie  Obiano as also some of the  monumental achievements of the  APGA government  in the state.

    He  noted that the  state  had made a very  significant improvement in its  education sector as  well as  recorded a drastic revolution in  its  agricultural sector, citing the  Anambra  Rice as  a living example.

 While  calling on the Anambra  State  Government  to  improve  on the  road maintenance in the  state, the APGA Secretary, equally  drew the attention  of the  government to  the  markets  across the state, adding  that  there  is a  need for the  government to  work towards stemming the  unlawful activities  of  the disgruntled  elements in the  markets who  engage in  enforcing  unauthorised dues on the  petty  traders, thereby not  only  soiling the  name of Governor Obiano, but  also  draining  the state economy  and bringing  bad  name  to Anambra State  Government.

 Also speaking, the  Chairman, Transition  Committee  for  Njikoka  Local  Government  Area, George  Edozie Ozo, said  that  the  APGA  Government  had  within  the  years in review redefined the  socioeconomic and  political  face of the  state, saying that  the  Anambra  State  Conference  of  the  Transition  Committee  Chairmen were completely  against the  activities of the illegal  revenue collectors in the  markets across the  state and  assured  that they would  deal with them decisively.

      He, therefore, called  on the  Commissioner for  Trade,  Commerce  and  Industry in the state, Mr Uchenna  Okafor, to constitute a  legal  action against the illicit revenue collections in the state with the aim to containing the exhortation and  exploitation of the poor petty traders and  soiling of the  governor’s name  and that of  Anambra State Government.

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